Frisbee Fridays

Come Join us for “Frisbee Fridays” at Whitnall Park High in Burbank 🙂

Time: 6pm – 7ish’ pm
Location: 600 N. Whitnall Hwy, Burbank

We will be playing Ultimate Frisbee, and other fun Frisbee games on Fridays as our fun cross training activity.

You do not have to apart of the Mile Eaters team to show up. Former Mile Eaters, friends, and family are all welcome to come and participate in our Frisbee Fridays. More the merrier!!!

Dates Below

July 20th,  July 27th,  August 3rd,  August 16th, August 30th

Make REM For Your Goals

Make REM For Goals

Don’t just sit and wish, hope, and wonder about the what could be. Reach into parts of your brain that aren’t activated during those daydreams.  Stage 1 sleep is like a daydream to our goals.  Our brains aren’t fully engaged. When daydreaming we shut off portions of our brain. When you are daydreaming, your mind naturally cycles through different modes of thinking. This makes it hard to understand the reality of what we really want to do. We need our goals to be alive in our brains.

Why I use the analogy of the REM phase (Rapid Eye Movement) .  REM sleep taps into your cerebral cortex and sends the cortex images, sounds, and other sensations that fill our dreams. This is what makes our dreams come to life. Our brain is almost as fully engaged in REM sleep, as it is when we are awake. So lets tap into the other parts of our brain that we don’t activate when just sitting around and thinking about our goals. Bring your goals to reality! But how?

Take 10 minutes of your time for this visualization exercise.

First close your eyes and paint a story of what you want to accomplish As a student, an athlete, sibling, son or daughter. Then write down all those long term goals. Write them in detail. All the big and small steps you need to take to accomplish them. Activating them in your occipital lobe (the part of the brain that is able to visualize scenes you’ve never actually witnessed before). Put all of those goals you wrote down, and place them in an envelope. Then, write an address to your medial temporal lobe on the envelope.

Coach Le’Von
4589 Medial Temporal Lobe
Los Angeles, CA 99100

Then put a stamp on it. You have just “mailed” your dreams into the medial temporal lobe (where we store conscious memory for facts). Your dreams are now a present memory, to be recalled on. You have just combined an action to your goals. Your brain enjoys imagery. Your brain also does better with physical things it can call on.

Now comes the fun part, consistently putting things into action 🙂


Laghima is a Sanskrit word meaning to float or levitate, while it is unlikely that any of us will levitate any time soon, we can explore the idea of it and think of it as more of a ‘lightness’.

Many great athletes seem to glide effortlessly, almost floating, through their movements. Of course they have gone through many hours of rigorous training to reach that place but finding the balance between pushing through and letting go enough is the key to finding that graceful flow.

Anyone wanting to be successful as an athlete needs to work hard and with discipline, we have to learn the mechanical movements in order to make progress, but we also need to keep a conscious awareness, listening to our body, making adjustments to changing conditions, and allowing the body to eventually move intuitively by itself. Finding the combination of strength and flexibility, of flow and balance can help us float’ in our movements but also keeps us within enjoyment of our sport and helps us to stay with it over the long term.

– Lucy Green –  Yoga Teacher – Mom – Mentor