Laghima is a Sanskrit word meaning to float or levitate, while it is unlikely that any of us will levitate any time soon, we can explore the idea of it and think of it as more of a ‘lightness’.

Many great athletes seem to glide effortlessly, almost floating, through their movements. Of course they have gone through many hours of rigorous training to reach that place but finding the balance between pushing through and letting go enough is the key to finding that graceful flow.

Anyone wanting to be successful as an athlete needs to work hard and with discipline, we have to learn the mechanical movements in order to make progress, but we also need to keep a conscious awareness, listening to our body, making adjustments to changing conditions, and allowing the body to eventually move intuitively by itself. Finding the combination of strength and flexibility, of flow and balance can help us float’ in our movements but also keeps us within enjoyment of our sport and helps us to stay with it over the long term.

– Lucy Green –  Yoga Teacher – Mom – Mentor