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Mammoth Camp

Mammoth Altitude

Training Camp

Mammoth Camp (Youth & Adult Division)
Altitude Training (1st week of June)

Fees: approx $500
Includes: 4 nights communal accommodation and training
Location: Mammoth Lakes
Head Coach: Le’Von
Email: info@mileeaters.com

The Mile Eaters Youth Division members look forward to this annual event because it is a lot of fun and a chance to really bond with teammates. Of course there is plenty of hard work involved too and the athletes participate in long, hill runs around the area, and strength training on the picturesque Mammoth Track. There will also be rehabilitation for those athletes who need it at the end of their track and field season. Our in house chefs provide nutritionally balanced meals, and supervision is provided by staff and chaperone parents. The fees are dependent on the number of people going.