Summer Sessions

(10-18 years old)

Summer Session #1 

January 7th – March 30th, 2019

Focus:  Form and Biomechanics Focused

Learning how to run properly isn’t something that just comes natural to everyone. Over the course of time our bodies give way to inconsistencies and habits that lead to bad form. Which is why in session 1, the main focus will be form and biomechanics. Helping each athlete learn their body, how it moves, and how to improve its movement. Summer session #1 will also entail some all-comers track and field meets which our athletes will be able to fulfill their curiosities in what they will want to focus on throughout the rest of the season.

Summer Session #2

April 8th  – June 9th, 2019

Focus:  Event and Performance

While continuing to focus on the bio-mechanics of each athlete, the main focus will also be strength and performance. Through team building and self awareness, we will help each of our athletes learn how to be successful runners. Success = Improvement of self.  Summer session #2 will

Fees: $450 (Includes uniform and warm-up) *$350 for Second Session

Includes: 3-4 training sessions per week, 2 yoga sessions per month

San Fernando Valley Locations: Burbank, Glendale, Sherman Oaks