*Letter from founder Coach Le’Von Davis*

I started Mile Eaters Track Club in 2013. This club was founded on the principles of safe and fun training. After a short period of time of coaching at a different track club, I decided kids need a place to have growth over the long term. This club is focused on the proper fundamentals you need to be a success track and field athlete.

My passion as a coach is to teach athletes their over value in life. Not just as a track and field athlete, but as a human being. Who they can become, the change they can make for themselves, and the change they can make for those around them. Athletics is a great tool to help all individuals grow within their own mind, body, and spirit.

I coach and teach through love, and positivity. The tools in my ‘coaching bag’ stem from book knowledge, experience, and attentiveness to each athlete.


My background in sports started in high school. Where I ended up being a 5 sport varsity athlete, then becoming NCAA Division I & II basketball and soccer recruit. A knee injury ended my path into the NCAA level and I spend 1 year playing soccer, basketball, and running track at the NAIA level.

Kinesiology B.S. – United Stated Sports Academy

USATF Level 2 Certification

CSCS Certification