High School

The Mile Eater Track Club high school program is great those athletes looking for extra guidance during their school seasons. Using the Mile Eaters Track Club training app, each student athlete will be given the proper structure and guidance to blend in their club training with their high school training.

Fall & Spring Seasons:

During the fall and Spring, we provide training for cross country high school athletes, as well as sprinters and middle distance runners. Each athlete will be able to sit down with myself (Coach) and map out what their training needs to look like for current growth, and long term success.

During post season they can train and race with the club exclusively if they are trying to shoot for faster times or national events.


During the summer, we host camps and clinics for high school athletes. Our normal training schedule presumes during the periods in which we are not hosting larger group events.

FOR MORE INFO PLEASE EMAIL: info@mileeaters.com